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Eric Chabot, Ministry Presentation at The Ohio State University ​​​​​​​and Columbus State Community College

Weekly Apologetics Zoom Meeting Archive

The Ohio State University

Ohio State University (OSU) is one of the country's largest campuses (60,000 students). There are over 5,000 Jewish students on the OSU campus. Also, Columbus State Community College (CSCC) has over 30,000 students. Eric is the director of Ratio Christi, a nationwide apologetics ministry at OSU and CSCC. Ratio Christi seeks to encourage and strengthen the faith of students at secular institutions across the country through the use of intellectual investigation and apologetics—while also sharing the Messiah’s message and love to those that have yet to receive it. Eric believes that many of us in the Body of Messiah have failed to address the pressing questions of worldview, science, philosophy, history, et al. Situating these apologetic chapters at universities across the country is an important step in reversing the skepticism that permeates many educational institutions. In his weekly meetings, Eric equips students with the methods to engage the campus on a regular basis. The apologetics ministry at Ohio State has been the host of lectures by scholars such as Dr. Michael Brown, Michael Licona, Frank Turek, and Dr. William Lane Craig.

Books by Eric:
Is Yeshua the Jewish Messiah?
The Resurrection of the Jewish Messiah
Does God Exist? Why It Matters?