About Our Name

The acrostic "CJF" hearkens back to the former name of the organization, "Christian Jew Foundation." Our Founder, Charles Halff, was a Jewish man who became a believer in Jesus in the 1940s. It was rare in those days to hear about a Jewish person who was also a Christian, so he became affectionately known in evangelical circles as “the Christian Jew.” In 1948, he adapted that moniker when he went on the radio and called the program “The Christian Jew Hour." Decades later, when the ministry experienced significant growth in the late 1990s, the name of the radio program was changed to “Messianic Perspectives” and a few years later, the name of the organization was changed to “CJF Ministries.” Both changes had the blessing of Dr. Halff, who died in November of 2000. His widow, Bernice, continues to be active in the ministry and is beloved by our staff.