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Israel in Prophecy, A Chronology

God has a prophetic plan for Israel in the last days. Are you ready to see it unfold? God loves the Jewish people—"the apple of His eye"—with all His heart. By studying Rich's newest book, Israel in Prophecy, A Chronology, you will learn that Israel is the missing link of end times prophecy. Centering upon the Jewish Roots of Israel today, Rich uncovers the biblical truths of the Ezekiel War, the One World Order, the Pre-Trib Rapture, Jacob's Trouble (the Tribulation Period), the Second Coming, the Armageddon War, the Messianic Millennial Kingdom, and much more. With powerful insight on the end times, Rich warns of the coming holocaust against the Jewish people and encourages believers to share Yeshua Jesus with them while praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the nation of Israel.

Jewish Roots of Galatians

One of the greatest mistakes in most commentaries on the Book of Galatians is not recognizing the Jewish Roots. Once we know that Paul was writing to Jewish and Gentile believers, we can better understand this book from its Jewish Roots context. Rich discusses the "Judaizers," what the "fullness of time" refers to, how believers can fulfill the Law, and the destructiveness of Replacement Theology. Rich also fearlessly delves into the "Torah Observant" controversy plaguing the Messianic Jewish Movement around the world. This sermon is just a short summary from Rich's newest book, Freedom in Messiah, a Messianic Jewish Roots Commentary on the Book of Galatians. Rich is also available to teach weekly Bible studies, Sunday schools, seminars, and conferences.

Israel in Prophecy Seminar

The fact that Israel has become a nation is a miracle of God.  But how many believers know that God has a prophetic plan for Israel and the Jewish people that encompasses the whole world?  Richard examines topics including “Israel Today”, “The Ezekiel War”, “The One World Order & the Anti-messiah”, “The Rapture”, “Israel in the First Half of the Tribulation Period”, “Israel in the Great Tribulation”, “The Jewish Roots of the Second Coming & Harmagedon”, “the Messianic Millennial Kingdom”, “Gog & Magog II and the New Jerusalem.”  Richard also puts a chronological time table to these future events.  This seminar is available in 1-9 sessions (teachings) and comes with an “Israel in Prophecy Chart.” 

Why Israel?

Many believers have asked Richard the question, “Why Israel?”  Why is God so interested in Israel and the Jewish people?  Richard brings forth the Biblical truth as he answers these and other questions: Why is Israel so important to God’s prophetic plan?  Why do we need to reach Jewish people with the gospel message?  What is the connection between the Church and Israel?

Walk Where Jesus Walked

If you have never been to Israel, now you can experience the next best thing. Take a trip with Richard without leaving the confines of your own church! With CJFM's pictures of all the best sites to see in Israel, Scripture reading and commentary, all will be blessed. PowerPoint software is required.

How to Bless the Jewish People

God chose the Jewish people as an everlasting possession. God has a special love for the Jewish people. If God has this special love, shouldn't we as believers of Jesus also have this special love? Richard examines the Abrahamic Covenant, the history of persecution and the role of the believer in blessing the Jewish people.

The Jewish Roots of The Lord's Supper (Communion)

Richard examines 1 Corinthians 11:23-29 in light of Jesus' observance of the Passover Seder or commonly known as the Lord's Supper. As Jesus celebrates communion with His disciples, He brings to focus the real meaning of the Passover Seder. The Messiah was to be the sinless sacrifice for all mankind!

How to Witness Effectively with Your Jewish Friends

How many believers feel they can share the Good News message of Jesus with the Jewish people without offending them? Richard addresses the Jewish Objections to the gospel as he teaches the "Romans Road" of the Tenach (Old Testament).

Israel Today

The Jewish prophets of old have foretold the events taking place in Israel today. Richard discusses current events as viewed from a past, present, and future biblical perspective. He answers the questions "Who are the Palestinian people?" "Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?" "What does God have in store for Israel in the future?" "What should we as believers of Jesus do in response to this crisis?"

Israel in Prophecy (The Coming Jewish Holocaust)

In discussing the future of Israel in Prophecy, Richard brings out the biblical truth concerning the Jewish people in the Tribulation Period (Jacob's Trouble). The history of past holocausts and contemporary Jewish thought are also reviewed. The Bible tells us that Israel will see the worst persecution that the world has ever seen in the latter half of the Tribulation Period. Richard keys on the Church's role in helping to share the good news message with the Jewish people.

The Feasts of Israel

Richard has individual messages on all nine of the Feasts (Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Tabernacles, Chanukah, and Purim). In every message, Richard discusses the historical, biblical, and prophetic elements of each Feast.

God's Plan for Israel

God has called Israel to be a holy nation and a kingdom of priests through whom all nations of the world would be blessed. Richard examines God's plan for Israel past, present and future. This includes how God established the nation through His everlasting covenant, the re-gathering to the Land of Israel and the coming judgment during the Tribulation Period. Richard also discusses the Church's responsibility in blessing and sharing with the Jewish people the good news that Jesus our Messiah has already come.

The Jewish Roots of Christianity

Have you ever wondered what the "last day, the great day of the feast" is all about in John 7? And why is it so important to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit? Have you asked the question, "What is the Feast of Dedication spoken about in John 10?" And how about, "Why did Jesus raise Lazarus on the fourth day?" What was the major Jewish significance when Jesus claimed to be "one" with the Father? Richard answers these and other questions as he leads you through the Jewish Roots of Christianity in the Book of John.

The Messiah in the Passover (Time varies depending on 1 of 3 options below)

God's plan of redemption through the blood of the Passover Lamb unfolds in the celebration of the Jewish Passover. This message is available in three formats: 1. Presentation (60 minutes) 2. Seder Plate Service (75 minutes) the audience is seated at tables and partakes of the Passover elements while the presentation is given. 3. Full Seder Dinner (2-2.5 hours) a full meal is served at tables in addition to the Passover

The Messianic Millennial Kingdom

Many believers know that Jesus will reign as King for 1,000 years in the Millennial Kingdom. He will rule in peace, righteousness and faithfulness. However, do we realize that His Kingdom will be run in a Messianic Jewish way? This worship will include the new moon, Sabbath, the Feasts and even animal sacrifices! How can there be animal sacrifices when Jesus is our "once and for all sacrifice?" Richard answers this question and others as we investigate the fascinating study of the Messianic Millennial Kingdom!

The Jewish Roots of the Second Coming

The Second Coming of Jesus is one of the most anticipated events in Christianity today. Have you ever realized that there is an amazing connection between the Second Coming and the Nation of Israel? Richard analyzes this relationship as he leads you through a biblical teaching of the Jewish Roots of the Second Coming.

The Future Invasion of Israel

Ezekiel 38 and 39 are examined in light of current world events. Some believe that the war in Ezekiel and Armageddon are one and the same; however, Richard will analyze these passages verse by verse and show the contrasts between these two wars. We will learn how God directly intercedes to protect Israel in a miraculous way.

The Jewish Factor

If God chose the Jewish people as an everlasting possession and God has a special love for the Jewish people, what should be our response as believers? Why should we pray and why should we witness to the Jewish people anyway? What is the relevance for today and how does this impact my Christian life?