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2nd Adam Performances

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TAXMAN TO SOULMAN (45 minutes)

The Story of Matthew-in his own words (mostly)

Matthew travels through time to give us an inside view of his call and life with Jesus. He highlights a few special events that led him to conclude that Jesus is the Messiah.

LIFE IN THE FIELDS (35 minutes)

The story of the birth of Messiah

Abraham, the shepherd, tells of his life in the fields outside Jerusalem up to and including the angels' announcement of the Messiah's birth. Be there as Abraham speaks of his wait for Messiah, then run with him as he sees Him for the first time


The Akedah-my view

"The story of the "almost" sacrifice of Isaac"

Isaac tells us what it was like to be the sacrifice on the altar. He gives insights of a person "who was there"-ending with a view to the resurrection of Messiah.


The story of Passover as told by a Passover Lamb

Moishe, a not quite perfect lamb, tells of the sacrifice and benefit the Passover lamb provided, leading us to the perfect lamb, Messiah.

ME AND THE BIG BOY (20 minutes)

The story of David and Goliath

King David calls a press conference to reveal the behind-the-scene details of his battle with Goliath. We learn about God's method of teaching David trust and see the results.


The story of Adam and Eve

Adam gives his version of the events in the garden. Strangely enough, they are a little different than Eve's version. Adam not only describes the garden and the fall, but also the hope God gave them in the coming of the Messiah.

THE MUD GUY (20 minutes)

The story of the blind man

What would it be like to receive your sight after being born blind? Hear the story of this man who gained not only his physical sight, but his spiritual sight as well.

RAGS TO RICHES (30 minutes)

"A leper meets his Messiah"