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God told Moses the story of creation, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He told the prophets the story of the coming Messiah.

When the Messiah came, He told us stories of the kingdom of Heaven. He spoke about a prodigal son, of a sower, workers in the vineyard. We learned about the beggar Lazarus and his place in Heaven. Ultimately, He told us the greatest story, the story about His redemption of those who trust in Him.

Our God is a storyteller in the best sense of the word. We, if we are obedient followers, are still storytellers. We tell the story of His love for us shown through Messiah.

And this is the ministry of 2nd Adam, a ministry that continues in the tradition of sharing the story of our God through stories.

Vision Statement

2nd Adam, a non-profit Christian drama ministry, exists to edify believers and evangelize non-believers by bringing the Scriptures to the Jew first as well as to the Gentile, ministering through one-person performances

2nd Adam is a part of CJF Ministries. We invite you to arrange for Rob to perform his unique, one-man performances for your congregation. Go to our Contact page and call our Church Ministry Coordinator.