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George W. Sweetman – Dean of Students, Tyndale University College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Rob Styler combines dramatic excellence with a wonderful gift of weaving familiar stories into beautiful tales of redemption and grace. Folding history and humour into a convincing but subtle performance, Rob challenged us to see, with new eyes, the place and characters of Jesus' time. I enjoyed every moment of his time with us!"

Dr. Mark Bailey—President, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Rob Styler has the unique ability to combine humor and truth in the creative presentation of the Scriptures. He is intensely faithful to the content and his audiences are led to personal applications that are deep and life-changing. I highly recommend him."

Dr. Haddon Robinson—President, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

"Mr. Styler does not teach the Bible, he teaches people the Bible. By bringing together insight into the text of Scripture and dedicated imagination, he shows listeners what the ancient text says and how it applies to their lives."

Dr. Joe Stowell, Teaching Pastor

Harvest Bible Chapel (Former President- Moody Bible Institute)

"For those of us who have been "doing church" for a long time as well as those who are not as well-versed in the stories of the faith, Rob effectively portrays both the reality and the vitality of God's Word. Thanks, Rob, for bringing a fresh and creative voice to the timeless truths of Scripture!"

Dr. Robert B. Chisholm, Jr.—Chair and Professor of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Rob Styler brings biblical characters to life through his creative and thoughtful dramatic presentations. His dynamic performances are informative, humorous, and inspirational. Rob does solid research into the background of the biblical stories and exhibits a keen understanding of their theological implications. This foundation gives his presentations substance, which, when combined with his obvious dramatic skill, makes his presentations both entertaining and spiritually challenging."

Dr. Gordon Lewis—Professor Emeritus, Denver Seminary

"I have written a few things in my time and I wanted to tell you your performance was well-crafted.”


John Tesh—Singer/Musician

"Even though I heard the story before, both the story and the people came alive. Rob's performance was more than entertainment, it was the Bible coming alive."

Marty Goetz—Musician

"Through dramatic presentations that can provoke hearty laughter and prompt heartfelt tears, Rob has the God-given ability to promote serious thought about one's spiritual state and eternal destiny. In a most enjoyable and engaging way, without the least hint of "religiosity," he communicates the Good News of God's love revealed in the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus)—a love with which Rob is obviously acquainted."

Scott Wesley Brown—Singer/songwriter

"It is my privilege to recommend the dramatic ministry of Rob Styler. Rob brings the Gospel to life and presents it in the most creative and clearest way. It's almost as if you were there watching biblical history unfold before your eyes. I came away with a sense of feeling closer to the characters and, most importantly, closer to Jesus!"

Paul Wilbur—Singer/Songwriter

"Absolutely the best Hanukkah story I have ever heard; and it was Italian!"

Joel Chernoff—Musician

"After seeing you in person at Congregation Beth Yeshua, I really believe that you are developing a valuable ministry to both the Messianic and Christian communities."


Rev. Ginette Howse – Senior Pastor, Malvern Christian Assembly, Scarborough, Ontario

Rob Styler is unique. His presentations are like nothing you’ve seen before and your audience or your congregation will be enlightened and entertained. Rob breathes new life into the centuries old art of storytelling and takes it to a new level as he personally acts out events from scripture. Bible stories come alive with vivid images forever etched in the memories of those watching. With his quick wit, attention to historical accuracy and engaging sense of humor, Rob endeared himself to our congregation and left us wanting more.

Steven M. Irvin, Ph.D. – Lead Pastor, Bayview Glen Church, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

By means of compelling story-telling, Rob Styler not only brings to life Bible narratives both from the Old and New Testaments, he also sheds light on these historical accounts by explaining some of the Jewish social and religious background that increases our understanding of the events as they transpired. His insightful cultural observations, combined with his wit and humor make 2nd Adam performances both informative and captivating. I highly recommend Rob and his ministry to the Body of Christ.

Bill Goodrich - Horizon Christian Fellowship Indianapolis

"We thoroughly enjoy Rob's ministry when he came to the Indianapolis area. The people of our fellowship were blessed by his enthusiasm and the quality of his presentation. Without hesitation we would recommend him for your prayer consideration."

Kevin Brennan – Evangel Church, Springfield, NJ

"I would heartily commend to you the ministry of 2nd Adam. We thoroughly enjoyed Rob’s dramatic presentation as it clearly illustrated, with humor as well as reverence for God’s Word, the life of Matthew. I know that if you have Rob for a service, you and your people will be greatly blessed and will certainly see and hear the Scriptures portrayed in a way you never have before."

Bill Bloomquist – Riva Trace Baptist Church, Annapolis, MD

"I am recommending to you the ministry of Rob Styler. He is a highly gifted storyteller and actor. His presentations of “Me and the Big Boy” and “Taxman to Soulman” were humorous, thought provoking and challenging. He makes the Bible come alive. Our people loved him, from children and youth to seniors. Our pastoral staff was encouraged by Rob’s heart for ministry. In addition, he was very easy to work with. We will be having him return to minister in our church again and I would encourage you to consider allowing Rob to minister to your congregation."

Messianic Leaders (Jewish Christians)

Stan Telchin—Author of Betrayed

"Experiencing Rob's ministry was an absolute delight. I didn't know it was possible to laugh so much at a sheep. But then Rob's portrayal led me to tears. Without hesitation, I recommend 2nd Adam to all who love the Lamb of God."

Barney Kasdan—Kehilat Ariel Congregation, San Diego

"Rob Styler presents a fresh and captivating perspective of the Jewishness of our faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah. His gifting in drama as well as his heart for Israel make a dynamic combination. Our congregation was blessed and challenged."

David Sedaca—Executive Secretary, International Messianic Jewish Alliance

"Sometimes we forget that Jesus was a storyteller. In this is part of His success with the people. He spoke vividly and to the hearts of His audience with words that became alive. So it is with Rob Styler. In Rob's presentations, he brings back the freshness of the Bible stories. When I hear Rob, I imagine the people gathering around Jesus along the road or by the seashore, listening to every word of Jesus' stories."

Rich Nichol—Congregation Ruach Israel, Needham, MA

"Rob Styler brings a rare combination of fidelity to biblical text and casual, contemporary packaging guaranteed to connect people from different walks of life."